ChileGenomico presents its results at the Ministry of Health

The research team behind ChileGenomico presented a final report to the Ministry of Health on October 16, 2015 detailing the project’s results. On November 4th, the project’s Director Dr. Lucia Cifuentes and the principal investigator in charge of data analysis at ChileGenomico, Dr. Ricardo Verdugo, gave a seminar at the Ministry’s dependencies. Dr. Cifuentes summarize the most important results and how they will be made available to the public. Dr. Verdugo then trained the audience on the use of an interactive database with over 4 million polymorphisms that were found to segregate in the Chilean population.

The event was followed by a remarks on the importance of this project by Dr. Pedro Crocco, head of the Division of Welfare and Disease Control at the Ministry of Health.