Improvement and massification of the ChileGenomico Panel of AIMs (FONDEF)

Study: «Genotyping of Ancestry Markers and predisposition to common diseases in Chile: Improvement and massification of the Panel of ChileGenomico»

Project summary

The ChileGenomico Project and others have shown that genetic ancestry of Chileansvaries significantly between geographical regions and strata social. Therefore, modeling disease risk  must account for this heterogeneity, giveing the large evidence in the literature that factors predisposing to complex diseases vary among ethnicities. The Panel of 147 Ancestry Informative Markers developed by ChileGenomico will be being expanded to include more than 100 genetic predisposition markers for the most prevalent chronic non-communicable diseases in Chile. Genotyping will be done by sequencing with the Illumina NextSeq 550 equipment installed in the ChileGenomico laboratory and will have lower costs than convenitional PCR techniques.


FONDEF Continued D10E1007.

Project period